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The MTBoS search engine and Problem Based Learning Search are great places to start.

Practice Structures

War (Evaluating Functions) – Sarah Carter

Risk & Four in a Row – Sarah Carter

Two Truths and a Lie (Classifying Function Types) – Math = Love

I Have, Who Has? Compilation – via Math = Love

Vocab Review Cards – Math = Love

Printable Flash Card Maker 

Partner Problems (Similar to Player Coach) – Simplifying Radicals

Question Stack (Rational Expressions) (Factoring Trinomials) (Similar to Around the Room) – Math = Love

Other Thoughts– Do Nows, super quick stuff

If A is the answer, what is the question? – Pam Wilson

Word Problem Choice – Foussinating

Which One Doesn’t Belong? 


Number Line Intro Task – Restructuring Algebra

Integer Temperature Number Lines – Divisible by 3

Integer Ideas: Use army men in two colors to practice zero pairs

Square Dance (Clothesline Roots) – Divisible by 3

Combining Like Terms – Dan Meyer

Cut and Paste Combine Like Terms – Math = Love

Distributive Property – Math with Bad Drawings

Simplify – Math with Bad Drawings

Evaluating Expressions Sorting Cards – Sarah Carter

Draw “monsters” to represent the variable for solving equations

Absolute Value Equations – Simplifying Radicals

Function Auction – Sarah Carter

Stacking Cups Linear Equations – Restructuring Algebra writeup | Dan Meyer

Graphles to Graphles (Domain & Range) – Kate Nowak

Slope Intercept Google drawing (paper-free card sort) – Simplifying Radicals

Build a Function (for Absolute Value, but works on any transformations) – Misscalcul8

Line Game Linear Graph Review – Simplifying Radicals

Graphing Pictures Project (Desmos + a rubric) – Restructuring Algebra

Graph an Inequality (Student created) – Pam Wilson

Systems of Equations Elimination – Misscalcul8

Factoring Trinomials – Simplifying Radicals

Factoring Game – Simplifying Radicals

Quadratic Function Blanks – Math = Love

Candy Catapult for Quadratics – I Speak Math

Parabolas: Will It Hit the Hoop? – Dan Meyer

Unit Circle Table – Misscalcul8

Algebra 2 Remix – Infinite Sums


3 Acts Nissan Girl Scout Cookie Volume – Dan Meyer



Phone Usage Data – I Speak Math

Penny/Balcony Crash Exploration – Radical Rational

Survey Project – Math Equals Love

Fun Bonus Stuff

Escape Room – Simplifying Radicals

Bulletin Board Ideas & Files, Reference Pages

Growth Mindset – Math = Love

Mathematicians Toolbox Foldable Reference – Math = Love

Problem Solving Strategies – Math = Love

Six P’s Class Rules – Math = Love


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