On Finishing

I gave the Chapter 12 Test in my AP Stats class today. 12 tests. Of 12.

Today, we finished our book.

Whoa. WHOA.

It hasn’t really sunk in yet. But I’m sure once it does (for me and for my students) it will feel pretty darn awesome. Now we have a month to review, and a full practice exam tomorrow afternoon, four weeks before our Real Thing.

I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve got post-its and lists and photocopies and scrawled ideas all over the place. I have a month. 15 days of instruction, actually (we have conferences and the ACT in there), which is both tons of time and not that much. I’m running this. I have to figure out what we need the most, how to set it up, and how to maximize our time. My students are prepared. They could do really well…which is amazing but scary. Kids at all-Hispanic city neighborhood schools don’t usually do that well. Here’s hoping we prove that wrong!

What do you do for AP review? Any brilliant ideas?


Simply Impossible

I’ve been working on a foldable for my AP Stats class for three weeks. Honest. I keep sketching it, thinking about it, discussing it with my carpool buddy.

I want my students to have a quick reference for all of the tests & intervals we’ve been learning. For proportions and means. One and two samples. My key issue was “how the heck do I set this up?” Organize it by means? Proportions? I found this awesome study guide, which helped me be sure I was catching the info I needed, but I was still stuck.

My students are getting hung up on which test to do where, and a list of tests, with conditions and calculations and calculator names, wouldn’t fix that. I’ll spare you my three weeks of circular thought process and cut to the chase–here’s what I came up with:

Some notes: It does not line up perfectly. I quit after an hour. It’s pretty darn close, at least on my printer. The margins are (intentionally) set outside the printable area, so the outer edges don’t show up (also why I center justified the tabs). When you print you get an error message that some of the document lies outside the printable margins; do you want to proceed? Just hit yes.

We started today and so far they found it very helpful. I felt kind of useless because I was basically wandering around while they started filling out the two-sample part (test tomorrow) and answering minor questions. But I think the foldable (especially the concept set up, not the technical part) has taken me longer than any lesson I’ve done in a very long time. It was especially frustrating that all that got me was two single pages–not exactly impressive looking. Here’s hoping its helpful!

What’s your favorite foldable format?