Midpoint Reflection

Semester 1 will be in the books in just a few more days. My goals have gone…ok.

I wanted to improve physical organization–making sure I actually use all the awesome stuff I have. This has been my biggest win. I looked at lots of different ideas and settled on one scrapbook box per topic to hold all my activities for that unit. I think I will slowly transition away from binders eventually, but I’m not there yet. I’ve also managed to review my files by topic as we go, which has been a big win. This is so much better, and when I have some free time on our PD day for end of semester Friday, will be even more in place.

I…barely blogged. So that is really going to be my focus this year. I think even if I just review what I did (you know, other peoples cool stuff) I want to make it a point to get back into the habit.

My third goal was to let my students struggle more. I think this will need to be slower to be genuine, but I’m making some progress here. I’m also using Desmos more (I just got my own Chrome cart) and I like what that does for my students. Definitely a work in progress but I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve done in a transition year.

So for next semester, I really really really need to blog. Here goes nothing!