In an effort to focus better this year, I set myself three goals to work on. One of those is to physically organize all my stuff.

I’m definitely the type who can’t throw anything out and I save all my activities so as not to have to recreate them. That means I have, in no particular order:

  • Activities, in various sizes of envelopes/paperclipped together, or even in boxes
  • Files, labelled by topic and with spare copies in them
  • Binders, poorly kept up at this point, ostensibly with one copy of everything in it (I have…many binders)
  • Books, from resource masters to activity books to teachers editions

And that’s not even touching my computer, which used to be organized but now definitely has a fair number of duplicates. Compounding things is Google Drive (with which I have a mental block–it’s getting comical. I think I’ve finally shared something right only to have my pro-Google colleague email and ask for permission). There are also the activities I’ve read about on blogs that I want to try sometime but rarely do because I just taught that or it isn’t for three months and I don’t remember it in time.

I read through many of the Organization posts and determined I should probably start from scratch.

I can’t bring myself to get rid of the copies but I can move things over (I have an empty file cabinet) and move them back when they are in a state I actually want to deal with. I read about people who use big binders and little unit binders and boxes and more.

Unfortunately, I don’t think unit binders will work for me, as I’m not sure we’re final enough in what we’re using. I like the idea of keeping everything for a given unit in one place though, so I’m considering doing a box for each unit, with both activities and a single copy of each assignment and trying to do the same electronically.

It doesn’t feel like a perfect solution but it sounds a great deal better than what I’m currently doing–now I just need to get it started. (Or, you know, change my mind again.) I have the boxes, I just need to find the time.


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