Fun With Fractions Day 4

Catch up here on earlier adventures, including Fraction Strips, Comparing Fractions and Equivalency.

Today we worked with ordering and locating fractions on the number line. We started off with a half sheet with 0-1 number lines on one side, and 0-10, 0-100 and 0-1000 on the other. We worked through five sets (we skipped the last one because it was taking forever), having students place the numbers on the line and then putting them on the board & debreifing their results. It went fairly well, although it felt a little draggy. It might be helpful to do one number, then another, then another to help keep the class on a more similar pace.

From there we moved on to a fraction line up. Nothing really revolutionary there, but we tried to be very intentional in our set up. Each group got a poster paper and ten fractions, so two for each student plus two left over.

  • First, look at your fractions and decide which one is bigger and which is smaller.
  • Then decide who has the biggest fraction in the group.
  • Draw your number line and decide what number to go up to.
  • Take one minute to decide where you’ll place your first fraction.
  • Go around and place on fraction at a time. First put your fraction down, then mark its location, then explain to your group why you placed it there.
  • Your group should give you any feedback (bonus: try to do it in the form of a question, instead of saying “wrong, it should go here.”
  • Continue until your first eight fractions are placed then place the last two as a group.

After they were finished, we had them do a gallery walk and write their comments on the other groups papers–I even got part of this on video and some of it was great! One thing I would do a bit differently is to have them move TWO groups away from their own–I saw a lot of looking over shoulders trying to see their paper to compare it.

One group was a little disappointed to see that all the groups had the same fractions–I think next time I might do 8 identical fractions and then change up the last two just a little (so use all fractions with a similar idea behind them like 13/25 and 7/15 and 9/19) so they can especially look at something new on the gallery walk, in addition to confirming their own thinking.

We’re moving on to number lines tomorrow, but with large numbers and then decimals, but I’ll continue this next week Tuesday when we pick back up with mixed numbers and adding fractions.


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