Highs & Lows

I go back to school officially tomorrow, with the students following on Monday.

Since Thursday its been quite the rollercoaster.

I’ve been assuming for a long time that I would have a room change, so when the new master schedule came out Thursday, I wasn’t at all surprised to see my name next to a different room. It was a good room, the corner on the 2nd floor, currently occupied by a special ed program. The schedule was provisional, of course, but I was pleased. I even decently like the periods I teach.

And then came another email.

There’s been another change. The special ed program isn’t moving (this is a long and torturous story that involves someone with a grudge at the Central Office). So I have another assignment.

In the bookroom.

You know, the room where the extra books are stored, the concrete block one with the industrial metal shelving? The one with the concession window to the hallway where the lunch line is? Yeah. That one.

And there’s a catch.

They haven’t really built it yet. Technically its still the bookroom, and there isn’t furniture, the floor doesn’t match up, no electrical and the wall has to be removed and then that area patched.


We’ll come back to that in a minute, but two weeks ago I found out I have one resident, not two, this year. Her name is Miranda and while she doesn’t have the stats background I was hoping for, she seems ready to learn. She already sat through 4 hours of the Algebra 1 team bouncing all over the place, so that’s a good sign.

And this whole room thing…

“Hmmm….it’ll be fine. We could buy exercise balls. You know, the kind at Target? Those are pretty cheap right? Who needs desks!”

“Oh, and if the kids are bad, we’ll give them detention. They can blow up the balls with a bicycle pump!”

“We’ll just have…classroom jobs. Like, two kids can stand there and hold the chart paper up.”

On an amusing note, my fiance was pressing me to come up with SOMETHING positive, and the only thing I could come up with was that it was close to the copiers. And then at our Mentor meeting on Monday we covered some logistics, including copiers. Apparently they’re moving. Sigh. But its ok, Miranda’s going to get roller blades. That or it’ll be another classroom job. I think I should have her make me a list.

So its a pretty terrible room, and not what I expected and no one is entirely sure if it will even hold 30 desks plus ours. But I have a job, and I think my resident and I are going to have a pretty fun year.

And people have worse locations than a large closet, right? Anyone? Please?

If you’re wondering, this has nothing to do with me. The other choice doesn’t have full walls, which my admin (correctly) assumed would drive me INSANE, and because this was such a late change, they couldn’t put me into a better room. They don’t hate me, it isn’t personal, and they aren’t trying to push me out. Just a really bad situation for me.



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