Families of Functions

[I know everyone else is all schools-out-for-summer, but I don’t even start reviewing for finals til tomorrow!]

In our Honors class, we are wrapping up the year with a major review of Families of Functions. My resident has taken over the majority of my load and definitely took the lead on all of the great stuff below.

We started last week with a card sort matching function, name, graph, domain & range. The next day brought a much more intense card sort with all of the above PLUS transformations. Students used that to fill in a graphic organizer with basic information about each function.

Adapted from here, I think.

Both card sets were found online, although we would adapt them a little if we did them again. It was a good intro over the first two days, until we moved on to the Comparison Matrix, up next. (And coming after that, a Foldable and a project)

What’s your favorite card sort activity? Leave a link below if you have one!


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