Now That Its Over…

The AP Test was on Friday.

My school also let 8 people go.

One of them was administering the AP Exam.

Cumulatively, this did not go well. Friday afternoon, I was really upset. I had followed up so many times, trying to ensure that my 9 students taking two exams in one day would get fed, that the timing was taken care of, that we were taking steps to minimize disruptions. I was getting, honestly, pretty annoying.

And yet everything I was worried about, happened. They tested in the gym so announcement after announcement echoed over them. Over 100 kids waited for athletics to start after school in the hall outside the gym. And when I asked the person administering the test who was responsible, she shrugged and said “I don’t know.” I was crushed. My students worked SO HARD for this…and I felt like they just didn’t care.

I didn’t wait around the 20 more minutes for them to finish; I was way too upset. A quick group text on the way home and that was it. And then their replies. “It was easy…I’m scared ^-^” from one of my strongest students. “I feel pretty confident about my free responses. I think I can actually pass this test” from one of my weakest (who passed very few of my tests). But overall…they felt good. And so I felt a lot better too.

The questions were posted online today, so I did them and we went over them in class. A couple kids were concerned, but mostly smiles. “YES.” “That’s what I thought it was.” “Yep, I totally did that.” It was really nice to see.

And then we played cards. My students are unfamiliar with a deck of cards. I’ll have to fix that.

But now…



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