Things My Children Text Me

Three preps, with one of them taking an AP exam THIS FRIDAY (OMG AH ARE WE READY I THINK SO) have been taking their toll. I don’t have anything inspired for my AP review. I’ve been so frustrated in my Honors classes at their complete inability to learn special right triangles (coupled with the part where I’m pretty sure someone besides me should have taught it to them….Geometry anyone?) and therefore do the unit circle that I want to scream.

So just…meh.

In other news, I got engaged two weeks ago. The Sunday before the ACT, which means I didn’t wear the ring on Monday because I teach all juniors and I had stuff to do. So I told them all on Thursday, and gave them five minutes in each period to ask me questions, and had 17 offers to be my Flower Girl, six of which were from 16 year old boys. Only one person wants to be my ring bearer, and thats a 15 year old girl. Oh, and Lindsey said she’d marry us.

So life has been busy, and I didn’t feel like I had much to share (“How not to teach special right triangles”).

Then I got two texts from students today, and realized there are other great ones I haven’t shared either.

First one student texted me a photo link and asked me if it was where I got engaged. Adorable. (It was, basically.) (I got engaged at my church, which is on Michigan Avenue in Chicago across from the Hancock Center, so it isn’t that odd she would be there.)

Then I got this:


The text is just the middle of a random page. I suspect she’s studying for AP US History. I sort of feel like “the 80’s” is like “the olden days” but I’ll let it go.

Those brought to mind several amusing texts from another student:


I laughed out loud at this one. And then we looked up the actual probabilities online the next day. Apparently there was a big deal in England when this happened to someone, and they published the odds of it happening as (lazy math teacher makes things up here) one in a jillion, but that isn’t true because of course each egg isn’t independent–young hens are more likely to have double yolks and eggs in the same carton come from the same batch and maybe even the same hen.

And another from the same student, sent during Saturday ACT Prep. This question is awesomely bad. It still makes me laugh/roll my eyes.


Really? Poking a badger? With a spoon? Who comes up with this stuff?!?

I hope your life is more interesting than mine right now!






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