Bored to Tears

The ACT is next Tuesday.

The AP is in three and a half weeks.

I teach juniors.

I think I’ve spent at least five hours at the copier this week. And I feel like all I’m doing is watching people silently do the things I copy.

This sucks. And its painfully boring. Clearly, I could never be the kind of teacher that hands out a worksheet every day. My remedial class has been taking their interim exam (60 questions) for the past two days. The other classes aren’t spending ALL of their time doing things silently (actually, less than 14 minutes) but it sure feels like it.

Part of me wants to try to make it more exciting/interesting/interactive/DO SOMETHING , but they’re about to take these tests on their own. I’m out. And they’ve got to get on it themselves. So many of my students want to wait around for me to tell them how to do it (or what to do, or ideally, just do it for them) and that won’t fly on these tests.

I think I have a good mix of instruction and exploration and practice planned, but man is the practice part getting to me. I do believe it’s whats best for my students, I just wish it was a little better for me.

How do you structure practice for high stakes test? Have you ever spent five hours at the copier in the less than 3 days? How many trees have I killed this week?!?


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