AP Stats Project: Polling

We just started a quick little project in AP Stats, inspired by one of the extra examples in the text. The example gave two pieces of polling data from a presidential approval poll–seems like that isn’t that hard to find and real data is always better.

So a project was born–head over to RealClearPolitics for a treasure trove of polling data, often including the full report from whomever conducted the poll.

I’d like them to analyze the methodology (for review) and then do both a confidence interval and a hypothesis test on the difference of the two proportions. Put it all together and draw a conclusion…did opinions change? Why? (Both from a survey design perspective and from a timeline perspective.) Here’s what I gave the students:

I am not very good at writing rubrics, but I try. My carpool buddy told me she always writes the 3 column first, which is excellent advice but I had already written it. Oh well.

I would love any feedback–it isn’t due til Monday, so we’ll see!

How many projects do you do in your classes? Do they always seem to get squeezed out?


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