Real Math!

I’m drowning in work. I have several things to post, especially around domain & range and piecewise functions.

But I had to share the following REAL EMAIL I just got from my friend. Its from her condo board, and they need to hire someone to shovel snow this winter.

Hi everyone,
We solicited two proposals for snow removal — and unfortunately, the second guy is unable to do the job.
With that in-mind, I propose we move forward with Tomotto — the same guy/company we’ve used in the past.  Let me know anyone disagrees and if you want to get another quote.
Tomotto’s proposal (attached) is $200 more for the seasonal rate ($2,700 no matter how many times it snows), but there is no change in the per snowfall rate ($250/each), so perhaps we try that, as Suzanne suggested earlier.
If everyone can please vote on how they’d like to move forward — seasonal rate or per snowfall — that would be great.
You guys!!! It’s a math problem! How do you decide who to use? Can you know the “right” answer in October? Is the answer the same every year?

One response to “Real Math!

  1. My math sense is that the answer is probably the same every year, based on whether your average number of snowfalls is less than eleven. Long-term weather predictions are notoriously dodgy, so I don’t know how much confidence I would put in a prediction of a “low snow” winter, if you ever get that sort of thing. (I live in a nearly snow-free part of Oregon.) Climate change, on the other hand, implies a greater number of “extreme” weather events. Not sure how that pertains to number of snowfalls in particular, though.

    If you were me, you would strongly consider the convenience factor of paying the seasonal rate and then not having to think about it for the year.

    Sorry no equations or anything like that. Maybe someone more interesting will stop by and comment. 😉

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