Slope Dancing

I’m sort of famous for my mad dance moves around here. If by “mad” you mean “dorky/mathematically inspired.”

Here’s my photostrip from the Homecoming dance photobooth:


It’s the slope dance.

Positive //




(It got confused on the photo strip because of the monitor in the Homecoming photo booth and also because there’s a timer and I panicked. Oops.) Anyhow, its my big thing, and I got tons of kids dancing it with me at Homecoming AND its educational. We’re going to make a music video some day, but it turns out I’m not the best music video producer.

I made up the slope dance right before the Valentines Dance in Algebra 1 last year, and its obviously Algebra-related. My students make fun of me, but many of them like it and tell me it helps them study and they were doing it on the test.

I even slope dance on vacation.



Mtn Zero


I made a powerpoint with my vacation pictures and made the kids dance along with me. I usually play Jessie J’s Domino (my future music video song). (I have the full set of moves for all three settings, but I wasn’t sure you would appreciate that many photos of me. And Smokey.)

Try it out with your kids, assuming you have no shame!

Do you do any dances to help your kids remember things? They’re the new songs!


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