I have this quiz to grade. Its the first one. Just on marginal & conditional distributions in AP Stats. Two way tables. I wrote the key already, so I should be ready to go.

Except I don’t know how to grade it.

The last time I taught AP, two years ago, I would score it at 10, figure out to divide up the points for it, and do that. Tests are about 50. Ish.

This summer I was on the Grading PLC at work. We read the classic articles about Zeros and grade killers. We talked some about SBG. It’s all a little disjointed though. At this point, the administration wants to move towards SBG for next year, and so is trying to do some weird hybrid for now. Um, ok.

Basically, that came down to you-have-to-let-students-do-late-work and no more zeros.

I was still confused. And not really resistant, but unclear. I know how to teach. I know how to grade. I do (more than?) my fair share of different stuff, but I’m pretty unfamiliar with SBG. I’ve read blog posts about it this summer, but not really done any concerted research. And in our “lets try to roll it out next year” goals, we basically stopped talking about what the heck “it” is. So now I might want to try “it” but am totally stuck where to start. There have been some recent posts about it, so I found some of those references. I’ve not looked at them all yet, but I wanted to put them in one place for myself (and, you know, others…but really me).

Posts that are “here’s how I do it”

Teaching Statistics


Aggregates of a bunch of posts from various places

Always Formative


An old “carnival” that did SBG posts

We planned a meeting for Thursday after school for those who would like to learn more now and see what they can start implementing. I’ll be there, and so will MC. And really, what else do you need?

Do you use SBG? Any other good resources for me?


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